Language Groups

PANAFSTRAG Language Groups brings together Africana people whose countries have that language as one of the official languages or as mother tongue. It is open to all Africana people who are ready as volunteers to offer actionable thoughts and ideas and also work well in one of the PANAFSTRAG Cells with a team to activate these ideas successfully.


The Co-Leaders of each Group will forward nominees with C.Vs as members to the Board for ratification or rejection.

Other members with Language skills cannot be members as there is an opportunity to work together in the Cells.


Co-Leaders (1man & 1 woman) appointed from the Board with one from the Continent and the other from the 6th Region.
Co-Leaders will represent each Group on the Board; who is preferably bilingual to include English


No fees are payable but donations in any form for projects and activities of the Cells are encouraged, Language Groups will organize activities through the Cells except for Group Meetings or external activities in that language.


The Group is to provide a common linguistic, Ourstory (good and bad) economic, social and cultural platform for Africana people in all official languages of the Africana countries. The Groups are the linkage and enabler of collaboration through these languages with the official languages and the international political groupings; e.g:

Anglophone and Caricom to the Commonwealth
Lusophone to the Lusophone community
Francophone to the Francophone Organization
Spanish to the Spanish Community
Dutch to the Dutch Community
Arab to the Arab Institutions and Organizations.
The Group provides a platform for easy production of knowledge and ideas without language obstacles.