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Pan African Strategic and Policy Research Group (PANAFSTRAG) is a non-partisan and a global African action oriented research and policy development, non-governmental organisation founded in 1992 to provide an in-depth study and analyses of the challenges of History and Culture as a foundation for Human Security and development in Africa and to propose policy alternatives and strategies for stability and development of Africa in synergy with our Diaspora


Is to carry out action-oriented research and studies for positive impact and change on the above challenges as they affect the African Continent and its Diaspora through its national and regional chapters in the countries of Africa and the Diaspora.


We have all decided to take up the important challenges that Africa and Africans including those of African descent face.

We have decided to prove that:

a.     We can institutionalize a think-tank for Africa by Africans everywhere in the world for creating afrocentric ideas that can work and for Afro centering universal ideas to make them work for the African people. In short, we must resolve to make PANAFSTRAG, the strongest and the best AFRO-CENTRIC institution in the world.


b.     We can develop new concepts and frameworks for Africa, experiment with these new concepts and continue to make homegrown ideas work for our people. In doing this, we must build on the cumulative traditional knowledge and capacity and the formidable intellectual force of Africans in Diaspora.




PANAFSTRAG expects every member to be creative and innovative by contributing ideas and concepts through projects that can institutionalize PANAFSTRAG through the impact these Projects have on our African people in Africa.

PANAFSTRAG can provide a platform for exchange of students, professors, and sabbaticals between Africa, Europe, America and Asia.


In short, ideas and knowledge contributions are the priorities of PANAFSTRAG. 

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