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Summary of PANAFSTRAC Nigeria Projects


PANAFSTRAC Nigeria Projects:
These are Projects in partnership with other private individuals and organizations.

PANAFSTRAG in partnership with interested individuals, organizations and schools plans to organize a Children’s Camp with a curriculum focused on culture, STEM, indigenous knowledge and sports. It will be held during the long holidays between August and September annually. It is planned to start nationally and later regional.

African Global Heritage Month:
May 25 is celebrated annually globally as Africa Day. PANAFSTRAG is proposing an African Heritage Month in honor of this day throughout the month of May.  Various activities will be organized and in particular a float parade featuring cultures of African countries and countries with significant populations of people of African descent. The countries would be represented by their embassies. The float parade would be held during the weekend because May 25 is not a public holiday in Nigeria.  Fashion shows, talks, dialogues, cultural festivals and other events celebrating African and Nigeria cultures and traditions will be showcased during African Heritage Month.

Impunity Index and Civil Law Approach to dealing with corruption:

PANAFSTRAG is launching various anti-corruption activities such as the Impunity Index and the Civil Law Approach to addressing corruption in Nigeria.

The Impunity Index will monitor the number of political exposed persons, public servants and Corporate Officials and Clerics who are beyond the law and are untouchable. Corruption goes unpunished in Nigeria and the legal system is currently unable to properly apply the rule of law. The index will gather information from relevant bodies and the general public to develop the index for public use.

The Civil Law Approachwill improve the legal framework for addressing corruption in Nigeria through the implementation of civil law legislation using the European experience and enforcement of anti-corruption laws and conventions in Nigeria by initiating the process for drafting and adopting civil law legislation on corruption so as to bring Nigeria’s national anti-corruption laws in line with Nigeria’s international anti-corruption obligations and commitments, including the UN Convention against Corruption.

Post Graduate Institute for Math, Science, Technology for Innovation of Indigenous Knowledge Systems. (PGI-MSTIIKS):

MSTIIKS recognizes math, science, and technology, driven by history, culture and global African Knowledge systems, popularly known as Indigenous Knowledge Systems as forces constantly transforming both the African and national challenges we face.
The main purpose is to create a Post Graduate Institute for Teaching, Training and Collaborative Research for the Innovation of Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS). It will be a space for integrating indigenous knowledge systems with modern applied mathematics, science and technology to address developmental challenges in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

African Traditional Religion:

This project is concerned about African traditional religions with the aim of organizing a Symposium to bring researchers in these areas together to share ideas and learn from one another. The overall objective is it establish a Centre where further research and documentation can be done on the subject matter before it goes into extinction.
A Conference is being planned in Partnership with the Department of Religion and Peace Studies, Lagos State University, LASU.

Trans-Saharan Slave Trade Project:
Most documentation on the Transatlantic Slave Trade, history of the Mediterranean and Arabian Peninsula have been largely ignored and undocumented. This project is aimed at compiling the history of slavery across the Arabian Desert which lasted more than ten decades but has been clearly undocumented.
This is an offshoot of one of PANAFSTRAG projects and has been discussedwith Umar-Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina who plans to organize a Conference later in the year and the outcome will lead to a Centre on the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade studies. The Conference will also lead to an awareness because there are few opportunities for this type of Conferences.

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