• To provide an in-depth study and analysis of the problems of political and social stability, security and public safety and socio-development in Africa and its Diaspora, propose policy options for their solutions and the implementation strategies.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas, knowledge, expertise and experience through seminars, workshops, conferences, roundtables and study groups of African and Afro-Descendant scholars, security experts, policymakers and implementors.

  • To publish books, monographs, occasional papers, newsletters and such other publications that will support the aims and objectives of PANAFSTRAG, inform policy makers and enlighten the general public.
  • To create a platform for bonding between Africans and Afro-Descendants in sharing best practices in community security, social issues, economic development, and entrepreneurship with respect to Small Medium Scale Enterprises d(MSMEs).
  • to collaborate and partner through its Reps with international, continental, and regional organizations such as UN, AU, Industries, and specialized Agencies with interests in Africa and Diaspora.

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  • To promote through research and advocacy, policies for conflict prevention and innovation in institutional reforms of political and economic governance at all level for the benefits of Africans and Afro-Descendants Communities.


In the 21st century, civil society movements in favour of stability, safety and development face many challenges: not only wars and arms proliferation climate change but also human rights violations, discrimination, hate and ignorance, emergencies, and abuse of the earth resources. Millions are now mobilizing to oppose the process of globalization and inequality, which breeds conflicts of all kinds. What is needed is a globalisation of safety and stability that promote human values and sustainable solution for political and socio-economic development